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Official website

The Sparessamsung Website is proud to be an Official Distributor of the Samsung Brand.

Get the most out of your equipment with original parts supplied directly from the Manufacturer's warehouse.

Find everything you need for your equipment from Motherboards, Power Supplies, Controls, LED Bars, Filters, Drawers, Shelves, Compressors, Evaporators, Tanks, Glass Rubbers, Seals, Doors, etc.

With Sparessamsung you will have the possibility to choose the shipping/collection method that best suits you and we strive every day to ensure that your orders are sent as quickly as possible.

We also present the prices recommended by the Manufacturer so that our customers obtain the best return for their repair or resale.

Whenever you can't find the product you want, get in touch using the forms on our website and we will always try to respond as quickly as possible.

All the spares you need you can find here!!